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Anunnaki Psychic Spirit Fairie

DESCRIPTIVE:  Esoteric Definition gives information on esoteric astrology, and esoteric philosophical theories. Esoteric time uses the moon calendar.  Information on Esoteric Astrology, and Esoteric Philosophical Theories. Esoteric time uses the moon calendar, full 13 moon calendar here below.

It is important for us to become familiar with the inner workings of ourselves, both spiritually, and mentally.  There is so much information regarding the forces, and energies of the spiritual dimensions in existence within us.


Esoteric knowledge will take you past religion its dogmas and biases, straight into the truth of that which you believe.  Esoteric means hidden.  Exoteric information is what the preachers, and priests learn, and retain for themselves.  Esoteric knowledge   is the mystical information that is kept hidden by a few individuals allowed to maintain it. Exoteric is outer Knowledge that is intended to be understood by the general public, and available to all.  Exoteric teachings are moral teachings. You can bypass the religious exoteric teachings and go straight to it’s base and or its foundation which is esoteric.  Much of the esoteric information and knowledge that was hidden, is becoming known within this century. The foundation for each major exoteric religions are:

Have you ever wanted to know who God really is? What’s is really going to happen in the future?  What is the real truth behind religion?

  • Estoteric Religious Teachings
  • Esotericism Defined
  • Esoteric Time and The Moon Calendar
  • Esoterism and Egyptian Cosmology
  • Esoteric Astrology
  • Esoterism and Buddhism


About Psychic Spirit Fairie

IAM Clairvoyant Psychic Spirit Fairie, a spiritualist, empirical with no prejudices, idols, or religious beliefs. Love, and freedom are my beliefs, the highest infinite life force is my god. My ideal is to be saturated through and through with the highest formula of wisdom. MY PRACTICE: Sadhana. My Life: I travel extensively and have been to Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, England, France, Greece, currently in Israel, Italy, Mexico, Rome . . . and more. MY PRAYER: Father God, I ask that you repeatedly and intellectually pour your life, and spirit through me abundantly. My life is all about you, I will express your energy, thus obtaining my greatest evolution. You will be pleased. A MESSAGE FROM MY SPIRIT GUIDE: From GJR The Annunaki King from Sirius, to Psychic Spirit Fairie: You are my Twin Flame, and taken from my vigor. All information herein, is to help you through this life experience. Be blessed, you are truly loved. OVERSEER: Everything on this site is overseen by GJR the Anunnaki King who speaks through me. Be faithful, and be blessed at all times. Caution: Universal Energy Protects This Page. Copy and Suffer True Risk To Your Business.



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